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ASTM A653(M)--2013 Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coil

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ASTM A653(M)--2013 Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coil

  • FOB Price: 500-1000 USD / ton
  • MOQ: 5 ton
  • Supply Capability: 10000 ton / month
  • Port: Tianjin Or Qingdao Port
  • Delivery: 15-30days
  • Packaging: Standard Seaworthy Package


General Description

Hot dipped galvanized steel coil are produced through a process of metal coating which involves passing cold rolled coils through a kettle containing molten zinc. Zinc coating mass is generally up 30g/m2. or even as higher as 750g/m2. it have good coverage performance, the zinc layer of dense, no organic inclusions. can provide excellent corrosion resistance in order to prolong the life - span of product.


*Building Material

Roofing, Doors&Windows,Roller Shutter Door, Framework ect.

*Household Appliance

Refrigerator Pedestal, Refrigerated storage, Kitchen Equipment ect

*Automotive& Boats Industry

Body Shell, Pedestal, Oil tank ect

*Container Or Electromechanical Manufacturing & Decoration


*ASTM A653(M)---2013

Chemical Composition(Heat Analysis Element--Max)ASTM A653的化学成分.png

Mechanical Properties

ASTM A653力学性能.png

Remark:Mechanical properties are guaranteed at ambient or room temperatures. 

Dimension Capability

ASTM A653尺寸范围表.png

Remark: All thickness are based material thickness(BMT).


ASTM A653厚度公差.png

Tolerance: Width

ASTM A653宽度公差.png

Coating Mass (Double Side )

ASTM A653涂层重量.png

ASTM A653涂层重量-2.png

Remark: The min triple spot average coating weight mass on any one sides should not be less

        than 40% of the single spot requirement. 

Coating Adhesion(Bend Test)

ASTM A653折弯测试.png

Remark: SS Grades 50 and 80 are not subject to bend test requirements.

ASTM A653 折弯测试-2.png

Remark: SS Grades 340 and 550are not subject to bend test requirements.

Available Finishes


1.Imperfections such as small pits, variations in spangle size, dark spots, stripe marks , light passivation stains ,stretch leveling breaks,skin pass marks,scratches, zinc run off marks are permissible on surface.  

2.Chemical passivation protects the surface against humidity and reduces the risk of formation of “white rust” during transportation and storage, local discolouring as a result of this treatment is permissible and does not impair the quality.

3. Oiling also reduces the risk of corrosion of the surface.

4. Resin Coated offers additional corrosion protection by transparent organic film. Specially protection against anti-fingerprint 

Storage Transportation and Loading /unloading


1) keep the product dry.

2) Store the product in a dry and well ventilated area preferably indoors. to avoid condensation and moisture penetration. Store the productions in a roofed storage area.

3) Don’t put the products where they could be exposed to sand and dust. If sand or dust build up on a sheet.they can damage zinc or paint coatings, sand and dust also hinder drying and thus promote white rust formation.

4) Don’s stack sheets or coils excessively high. This is important for safety as well as for the prevention of sheet deformation or other damage. Inventory terms should be as short as possible(Within 6 month)

Transport and Loading/unloading:

1) Don’t push the cut sheets or roll the coil with a forklift. Since this could cause scratching.

2) When transporting coil in a truck, care should be taken to protect the coil surfaces against damage. Using preferably. A rubber sheet beneath the coil or an exclusive transport stand.

3) When transporting coils. Firmly fix the stacked sheets so that they do not slip off due to vibration.